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Ways to increase the profit of the bar🍴

Ways to increase the profit of the bar🍴

The “right” bartender is such a charismatic person that guests would like to come back at least for this reason. A bartender represents the place and increases sales using various strategies and tricks. Thus, he or she have to keep the contact of the audience and its interest at any cost.

Let’s talk about the ways to increase the sales of the bar.

1. Offer to try the beverages for free. They may be new on the menu or the more expensive analogues of the already ordered ones. In this case, the rule of the return will work, as the guest will feel the obligation to make a step in return;

2. Upselling is the right solution. Sell more than a guest planned to order. Ask whether to fill an empty glass or maybe your guest wants to try another taste of the beverage. Don’t be intrusive and fell the moods around;

3. Don’t forget about snacks. Both salty and sweet. Don’t they only complement the drinks and increase the sales, but also cause the thirst. Thus, people will order one more glass sooner;

4. Be active. Rent out the space for holding some team games and quizzes, organize stand-up and DJs performances.

Once again, bartender’s personality is of great importance. Keep it in mind when hiring somebody.