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4 days work week for the cooks and the increasing profit 🍴

4 days work week for the cooks and the increasing profit 🍴

Those of you who work at the kitchen for more than 10 years are slightly surprised now. But we’re going to explain everything.

The only approach to the employees for the past decades is “To get as much from human resources as possible”. Chefs and restaurant owners are sure the sacred mission of the kitchen is to be a place for life. You should give all your time and energy to it. How to explain the 6 days work week with 12 hours work shift in other way? But it all can be different:

During our course for the chefs we give an example of our Scandinavian colleagues, who have decreased the work week for the cooks to just 4 days! Does it work? Of course!

Employees spend more time with their families and close friends, and become more loyal to the boss. The common output increases and the involvement of every work unit is noticeable. People really DO love their work, as it takes the correct one third of the whole person’s time.

At the same time, it’s not necessary to cut the salaries and hire extra people! Do you think, it’s impossible? Absolutely possible, if you find the right approach.