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How to ruin your own restaurant?🍴

How to ruin your own restaurant?🍴

The experience of 1000 restaurant owners 😉

You can choose the wrong chef, make a poor menu, create chaos in your business processes - all these things do not guarantee your failure. But I have 100% working solution - put the money as the priority!

Think only about the money. Open your restaurant only for the money. Hire people to bring you money. Check the cash desk daily to count the money. There should be only money-money-money on your mind. Then, your restaurant will be closed very soon.

For sure, it’s okay to think about the money. It’s crucial to analyze the indicators and do planning. But it all should be on the background. The main thing is your product - a restaurant! It should have the soul, the idea and the atmosphere. The guest have to be impatient to come back the moment the leave. And the money will always be there, if you do it right.

No doubt, there are some excuses. In case you’ve got a huge holding you can open the 20th restaurant just for money. It means there is a professional in your team that “creates” the soul of the place. And you are only to count the profit.

However, as long as it’s not about you, the only person who must think about the restaurant and the guests is you 😏