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Things you should know about me🍴

Things you should know about me🍴

A perfectionist, an optimist and a hard worker.

Hope most of you know I’m Egor Rivera, and I open new restaurants and improve existing ones. My Insta in Russian is @egorrivera. Today I want to talk about the things that helped me go from the cook in a small town to the @riverapeople founder.

3 of my main principles:

1. I’m a perfectionist
It concerns the work as a whole and every its detail in particular. Either I do it perfect or I don’t do it at all. (Thanks to my team they are the same. Otherwise, they would have already gone!)

2. I don’t divide my time on the work and private life
For someone it may seem a bit strange that I don’t have breaks for a relaxation, weekends and almost no vacations. I don’t really differ my work and my life, as the work IS my life.

3. I see the world positively
I have no difficulties and no problems. Every situation is a task I have to solve, so I just start solving.

Now it’s your turn to tell me about you. Why do you follow me?

1 - You work in a restaurant business;
2 - You just like reading me, no connection to the restaurants.

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