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Right philosophy for a chef 🍴

Right philosophy for a chef 🍴

A chef has to think about the improvement on a daily basis. It doesn’t ever happen that you work for a while and then do nothing, having the results for three months. Restaurant business is full of the events and you cannot relax for a moment. Otherwise, you will slow down and become an outsider immediately. Thus, a restaurant business is a pure Kaizen philosophy. It’s a constant self development and improvement of your business. By the way, one of the most important qualities of the chef is the ability to manage the kitchen workflow and the desire to develop self skills.

There are lots of books about the ways of organizing the correct activities at every work station. They are about the Japanese system of managing the workflow and its quality - Kaizen. Write in the DM if you are interested in the books. We’ll give you some tips 😉

Kaizen system is quite sophisticated at the start and requires initial time costs. But the proper location of the equipment, optimization of the work processes allow to increase the efficiency at the kitchen without new employees and expensive equipment.

Are there any adherent of this Japanese philosophy? We talk about Kaizen during our course for the chefs and those, who are eager to become them.