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Don’t miss any small detail!🍴

Don’t miss any small detail!🍴

So, you are a chef and work in already existing restaurant. It happened so that you have no instructions, except for “Go and work”. There is no university for the chefs, that’s why here’s some information from @riverapeople_school.

How to conduct the inventory at the new place?

It’s important to take the inventory during the first 3 days of work. Also, you should make a global cleaning at the kitchen during the first week. The inventory is formal and helps to deal with a product matrix of the restaurant. Thus, you know how everything is arranged and accept the responsibility.

1. Make the inventory of the food leftovers. If the cooks say they don’t use some products for a long time, don’t listen to them. You have to take in every detail. Even if you have a plastic bag with only 3 gr of the chili pepper seeds, you have to write it in the inventory book.

The automation program may not display the leftovers, but the next time you write some figures, this product will come on the surface and bring the confusion. The first will be a question from the boss “Where is it from if you haven’t bought it?” The questions will come not only to you, but also to the suppliers and purchasers.

No matter what people say. Count everything.

2. Don’t forget about the inventory of the equipment and the kitchen furniture. You start running the kitchen somebody has already run before. Don’t be responsible for somebody’s mistakes. Just make the inventory of the equipment and the dishes with the manager.

Actually, you just have to list all the material values you’re going to be responsible for. In case something happens, all the investigations will be in accordance with the last inventory.

Save the post and always remember these rules!