Rivera People is the whole team of professionals in various fields of restaurant business. During the work we get inspired by each other's successes and skills. And even though we are all different, there is our common goal to make your restaurant better and more efficient.

About Rivera People

Egor Rivera
Founder of Rivera People
"I remember the day when the idea of establishing Rivera People came to my mind. This moment was a pure moment of inside lightness and clearness. The matter is in my mind, the only way for a chef to become an entrepreneur was to open a restaurant. And maybe I wanted to create my own restaurant, but the thought I could open hundreds, thousands of places and treat them like my own projects inspired me a lot!"

Egor Rivera — chef-cook and ideological mastermind of Rivera People.
Artem Kasilov
Head of Design and Branding Department
Artem manages a big team of specialists. They are vector graphics designers, 3D designers, illustrators, technical specialists and layout designers.

Artem's work experience is his whole life. Lots of projects of private apartments, houses and flats were brought to life by him, as well as projects of state level. However, an ultimate love to restaurant business led Artem to working with Rivera People!
Natalya Serova
Head of Design and Supply Department
A department of technological design in Rivera People is under the Natalya's control. Moreover, she is responsible for a supply of equipment, inventory and tableware for the projects we collaborate with.

Natalya is not a specialist of one field. During her career in HoReCa she gained experience from all the imaginable position of restaurant work! That is the reason she often takes part in the projects out of her department.
Alexandr Smirnov
Head of Innovations Department
Alexandr is a manager for a great number of specialists, from a team of engineers to service managers and designers. His duty is the creation of innovative equipment for HoReCa field.
Igor Galyagin
Quality growth Department
Igor's experience includes the building of system business-processes for such restaurant chains as Market Place, Land, Spar, Semya and others. He is also best in organizing Secret Guest investigations and writing Professional Textbooks. We cannot but mention the topic of HACCP system efficiency - Igor is able to talk about it for hours!
Anna Shekhovtsova
Head of Branding Department
Most of the projects connected with corporate style elaborating is Anna's and her team's work. Her special treatment of every project and deep analysis of every case cause the unbelievable transformation and make restaurant extremely popular in its scope!
Yulia Kupriyanova
Accountant-calculator and Rivera People School teacher
Yulia started to work as a bartender, chef-cook and production manager. Her work experience as an accountant-calculator is 16 years now!

During her work life she has conducted accounting in more than 150 places. There are such establishments in her portfolio as CoCoCo restaurant, Four Seasons hotel, Nevskiy Palace hotel, Kitayskaya Gramota restaurant, Meatcoin restaurant, Nebar club, Ruki vverh club and ohers.
Kirill Klukvin
Chef-cook and Rivera People School teacher
Kirill is an experienced chef and excellent teacher. He worked as a senior manager in hotels, for instance, Four Seasons, Corinthia, Sokos Palace Bridge. Also, he has teached more than 300 people for 3 years of work.
Anastasia Elagina
Training-manager Rivera People School
Anastasia is a training-manager and teacher in Rivera People School. She has come the way from a waitress to a manager and general manager in restaurants of Saint Petersburg.

Every training she conducts is not just a lecture. Every single one is a memorable for restaurant staff due to interactive format of education. And the main feature is all the information we provide can be implemented immediately! Lots of places do not hesitate to do so and are happy with results.
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