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Rivera People team has brought to life a great number of various projects during its work life. Having got our customers' permission, we publish some of the cases here.

How to get here?

The services we provide aren't just ready-to-use templates. We care about your business in the way we care about our own one, so you can choose a set of services or a single service for your personal demand.

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Rivera People is the whole team of professionals in various fields of restaurant business. During the work we get inspired by each other's successes and skills. And even though we are all different, there is our common goal to make your restaurant better and more efficient.

Expertise and experience

Founder of Rivera People
Head of the Purchase department
Head of the Design and Branding department
Egor Rivera
Natalya Serova
Artem Kasilov
Alexandr Smirnov
Head of Innovations Department

Unfortunately, all the 30 people could fit into this page. Learn more about us!

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Benefits of working with Rivera People



Personal approach

Company's mission is to be extremely useful for our clients. That is why we dive deep into your project and pay attention to every detail.

Flexible pricing

The price for the services is defined depending on your task. Our manager will help create it. With the correct task you will only pay for the services you really need.


Bonuses from the partners

Working with us, you get a range of privileges for our partners' services and products: Chef Works, iiko, Moleculares and many others.
The geography of our projects has no boundaries. We work across Russia, the CIS countries, Europe and Asia. And we are not going to stop.
During the whole period of collaboration you will have a personal manager. Therefore, all the tasks will be solved quickly and effectively.
We are fully responsible for the outcome of our services. And we give both juridical and reputational guarantees for our work.

Restaurant owners from all over Russia, countries of the CIS and Europe applied for help, and there were widely known persons and companies among them.

We appreciate your trust, it is priceless.

Projects we took part in

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