Not just a nice picture.

Design project

Every successful restaurant project has a thoroughly developed brand, and along with working on the menu and service quality, such places pay much attention to the social networks presence. Those guests who are attracted by the signboard and the decorations, and are eager to take nice pictures for their Instagram profiles, have to be satisfied with what is inside.

Rivera People conducts a reconstruction for restaurants or creates the designs for new places. All for impressing guests along with a unique menu or professional staff.

Your success is our success as well. Due to this, we prefer only individual approach concerning design and branding development. For creating an Offer we need your technical task, which helps us define the time frame and prices.
The price depends on your goal and is calculated individually. Contact us to get a consultation for your project.
Design project includes:
• Measurement plan;

• Dismantling plan;

• Installation plan;

• Plan with furniture and explication;

• Layout of plumbing fixtures and radiators;

• Floor plan;

• Plan of ceiling levels;

• Layout plan for illuminations with dimensions;

• Plan for the placement of electrical equipment;

• Warm floor plan;

• List of doorways;

• Sweeps of the rooms;

• Collages of the rooms;

• Finish specification;

• 3D-visualization of all rooms (except technical);

• Section of partitions;

• Floor design;

• Plinth placement plan;

• Plan for the placement of cornices;

• Section of ceilings;

• Calculation of the main lighting in the rooms;

• Specification of electrical equipment.

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