Turn-key basis project


SHAFERMA project has a very modern understanding of a unique, tasty fast-food of high quality. There are shawarmas, burgers, quesadillas, salads and sandwiches on the men. All these items are flavoured with original sauces and accompanied by limonades and fruit-drinks of local production. Once you are in Moscow, find SHAFERMA point on the map and go there get some new impressions!

The services Rivera People has provided for the project:

• Concept of the menu
• Recipes for kitchen and bar
• Cooking process training for staff
• Interior and exterior design
• Branding
• Technological project
• Equipment supply
• Equipment installation
Work process
The success of our projects is not a magic. It is a precise and tough work. Contact us and we will help make your restaurant better!


Video review

Brandbook elaboration

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