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Audit and consultancy

Audits by Rivera People give you environment for business growth and optimization of the main processes. Your goals define tasks, prices and time bounds of the audit.

In case you have an already functioning place and want to decrease its expenses, increase net profit and just make it better, we offer our audit which includes:

1. Concept analysis;
2. Budget analysis;
3. Reports analysis;
4. Production audit: sanitary conditions, business processes, document flow, staff; 5. Employees' qualification assessment;
6. Existing menu assessment: prime cost, markup, margin;
7. Competitors analysis;
8. And other points, according to your request.

If you are only planning to launch a new project, we can help you make it great. Rivera People finds a perspective direction for development using the following tools:

1. Defining a successful concept;
2. City analysis for the purpose of finding optimal locations;
3. Competitors audit: we estimate the market after choosing the working concept. 4. Defining the best season for the start up;
5. Defining the starting size of the business (it allows to set the budget and clarify the amount of investments needed);
6. Defining the real time frame for launching the project.

If you want to know your business better, find its strengths and weaknesses and use the opportunities, use the audit service by Rivera People.

After our consultation you will certainly know which steps to take for financial success of your place .
The price depends on your goal and is calculated individually. Contact us to get a consultation for your project.

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