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Technological project

We offer the newest and the most successful solutions for layout of production and auxiliary rooms in your restaurant.

Our advantage in comparison with competitors is obvious, as the people working on the project are chief-cooks Rivera People, design engineer and equipment and inventory manager. The cooks know where and how to put the equipment due to their experience, the engineer makes everything in accordance with sanitary norms and law, the manager can create the best Commercial offer for equipment purchase. You won't get the services you don't need.

Nothing extra.

Eventually, you have a technological project, consisting of:

• A plan of equipment and communications layout. All you need for effective, efficient and safe work;
• Specifications for all types of equipment included in the plan;
• Description and layout of the electrical system, water supply and sanitation, ventilation equipment;
• The best commercial offer for the equipment purchase on the market!

Order a technological project here and we will make our best to provide the best performance rates for your restaurant!
The price depends on your goal and is calculated individually. Contact us to get a consultation for your project.

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