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Staff recruitment

It is not hard to find highly paid or low paid staff. We provide you with the best people, who are able to solve the business-cases of your restaurant for the price you offer.

Rivera People recruits:

• Cooks of all rank, including chiefs and brand chiefs;
• Bartender, chief- and brand- bartenders;
• Administrators, managers, waiters/waitresses;
• Accountants and accountants-calculators;
• Marketing specialists.

Our approach is different from the others' as every candidate is estimated by the professional from the same market field.

Rivera People team has some talented HR-managers, but the final decision is made only relying on the opinion of the chiefs and senior managers. The candidate's knowledge and skills are assessed thoroughly and with great expertise.

The staff recruiting service includes 5 stages of choice and estimation:

• We create a big primary range of candidates, who meet your requirements for skills and wage;
• We conduct personal meetings and interviews with every candidate;
• We estimate the professional expertise of the candidates by gathering and analyzing the feedback from his past or current occupation places.;
• We set an interview for the candidate with Rivera People team member, whose professional field is the same with the candidate's one;
• The final solution about the job offer is taken at the previous stage. However, we conduct the tasting of dishes or beverages if the candidate aims at a position of chief cook or brand bartender (in case it was included in the technical task).
The price depends on your goal and is calculated individually. Contact us to get a consultation for your project.

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