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Innovative solutions

The Innovation department was established in Rivera People to investigate current trends and solutions in the restaurant scope and use them practically afterwards.

We are interested in new types of payment and inventory systems, which allow guests to pay for the restaurant bill within seconds and stay in a comfort mood. Also, we look for designer tableware and kitchen equipment, new models of stoves and lightning systems.

We aim to adjust all the new items from machines, information systems and humanitarian technologies to the requirements of our customers and the situation in the regional market.

Our goal is to find the most effective and efficient technologies and methods, which are demanded by restaurant owners and would allow you to achieve the goals of your enterprise.

All the best systems and technologies are integrated into the service of Rivera People. Moreover, from time to time we offer some unique services and products, and introduce their range in this section.
The price depends on your goal and is calculated individually. Contact us to get a consultation for your project.

Coffee machines produced in Saint Petersburg.
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