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Have you ever wondered whether you need HACCP certification or not? We are sure you need. All the food producers in Russia since 2015 must have the HACCP system, proving there is an implemented quality control system at the enterprise.

Moreover, almost all the municipal bodies and retail systems require the adhering of the HACCP, so it will be beneficial to you. It decreases the production costs up to 30%.

HACCP implementation with us is faster, simpler and cheaper. An expert deals with the task much quicker than your regular worker. Additionally, we reject templates, and all the documents will be elaborated for your business individually.

We create professional textbooks as well. It includes the set of the most valid instructions for operational work organization:

• 6-8 standards for every position, describing the charges and the rules of team work for administrator, manager, bartender, waiter/waitress, chief, sous chef and others;

• Service standards for managers, waiters and standards of preparing dishes and beverages (for cooks and chef). We include the most optimal and exhausting requirements;

• Sanitary safety instruction for work with food - the most important laws and norms, adapted for your restaurant;

• Detailed instruction on purchasing, storing and rotation of the products and other inventory items. Simple and clear rules that minimize your expenses and guarantee the use of fresh and qualitative products.

• Instruction on how to open, close and clean the restaurant. These are administrative rules ensuring tidiness and safety.

We cannot but mention, all the documents mentioned above are the most valid and widely used sanitary requirements from HACC-life. They are absolutely necessary for safe and guest-friendly daily work of your place.

All the papers are interconnected and illustrated with photos of equipment, inventory and rooms. Thus, they are as much adapted to your particular restaurant as possible.

We do not sell documents, we define the best standards for restaurant work.
«y using our standards for staff training and staff control, you turn your restaurant into extremely effective and flexible mechanism, which is an open book for you and your employees.

Our textbook is the source of daily inspiration for your team and daily guests' admiration.
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